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Information Required

You can simply complete the Online Form or send us a request for Incorporation Form. We make the incorporation process convenient to you!

No. Information require Explanatory Notes
1. Proposed company name Provide 2 names for our consultant to check its availability as Registrar normally rejects a proposed name if it is:
  1. Identical to another;

  2. Undesirable; or

  3. Of a kind the Minister has directed the Registrar not to accept
2. Registered address You can either provide us your own local business address or use our virtual office service at the small fee. P.O. Box address cannot be used as a business address.
3. Issue share capital A company can have a minimum share capital of S$1. Share capital can be increased any time after incorporation and can be done within an hour.
4. Brief description of business activities This allows people to understand what business the company is doing, but it does not limit the company conducting other business activities.
5. Directors’ particulars This includes full name, nationality, passport number and identity card number, passport expiry date, home address, mobile number, email address, date of birth.
6. Shareholders’ particular Same as above
7. Propose financial year end You can choose any month end to be your financial year end. Most companies choose March, June, September and December. For fist year incorporation, company is allowed to close its accounts within 18 months from incorporation, but it is advised to close within 12 months for utilisation of tax incentive given to newly incorporated companies.
8. Bank accounts to open Please advise our consultant which bank accounts you wish to open and what is preferred signature arrangements

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