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Filing Your Estimated Chargeable Income

Compulsory Filing

  • All companies are required to file an estimate of their chargeable income (ECI) within 3 months after the end of its accounting period even you estimate the income to be "zero".
  • Otherwise, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) may estimate your chargeable income and send you a Notice of Assessment.

Benefits Of Filing Your ECI Online

  • companies who file their ECI using the Internet will enjoy longer instalment periods to pay their estimated tax compared to companies who paper-file using the physical ECI form.
  • The number of instalments granted would be as follows:
ECI Filed Within E-filers Paper-filers
1 month from accounting year-end 10 5
2 months from accounting year-end 8 4
3 months from accounting year-end 6 3

How Do I File ECI?

You need to submit the ECI form. You can do this online via myTaxPortal or download the form and mail / fax it to IRAS.

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