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Double Taxation Agreements

What Are Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs)?

  • DTAs are agreements signed between countries. They help Singapore-resident companies to avoid paying taxes twice on the same income.
  • For instance, your foreign subsidiary in Australia pays corporate taxes in Australia. When the money is remitted/received by you in Singapore, it is taxed again.
  • Under DTA, you can claim for relief for taxes paid overseas.
  • DTA also sets out clearly the taxing rights of each country for different types of income that arise from cross-border activities.

Who Benefits From Double Tax Agreements?

  • Singapore-resident companies can tap into the benefits of Double Taxation Agreements (DTA).
  • A company is resident in Singapore if the control and management of its business are exercised in Singapore.
  • To prove that you are a Singapore-resident company you can apply for a Certificate of Residence from IRAS.

Filing For Claims Under DTA

  • You can make a claim for Double Tax Relief (DTR) under the DTA when you file your annual income tax return.
  • You will also need to give documentary proof (e.g. letter from the tax authority or dividend vouchers) to show that the remitted income has been subject to tax in the treaty country before DTR claims can be considered.

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