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Benefits of Private Limited Company

Private limited company is the most preferred and common business form in Singapore. The majority of companies in Singapore are registered as companies limited by shares.

The reasons are:

  • A private limited company is a legal entity on its own separate from its owners. Therefore, company’s directors and shareholders are not liable for company’s debts.
  • The company’s share can be 100% owned by a foreign individual or company.
  • A private limited company enjoys special tax exemptions.
  • No taxes on first S$ 100,000 taxable income for exempt private limited company for first three years from incorporation.
  • Effective tax rate as low as 5.6% on taxable income of up to S$ 300,000 .
  • Low flat tax rate of 17% on taxable income above S$ 300,000.
  • Zero taxes on capital gains and dividends income.
  • No controls or restrictions on repatriation of profits to investors.

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